Founded in 1952, the Houston County Cattlemen’s Association is composed of a diverse group of men and women whose common goal is to promote the Alabama beef cattle industry in the Wiregrass area. The Houston County Cattlemen’s Association currently represents 181 members from all aspects of the beef community. The primary focus of the Houston County Cattlemen’s Association is to provide unity, support, and resources for the beef farmers in Houston County. We are proud to host an Annual Meeting and Steak Dinner for our members as well as a cake auction that provides scholarship for our junior cattlemen. We also host a yearly calf show which allows our Junior Cattlemen to showcase their leadership and hard work.

Houston County Cattlemen’s 2015 Officers:

Richard Meadows, President 334-797-4870

Richard Meadows, President

Jamar Ivey, Secretary/Treasurer 334-726-3758

Jamar Ivey, Secretary/Treasurer

Jeff Woodham, Junior Cattlemen Advisor 334-796-0657

Jeff Woodham, Junior Cattlemen Advisor

Houston County Junior Cattlemen Association (HCJCA)

IMG_09582016 Officers: President: Shelby Kriser, Vice President: Carson Lewis, Secretary: Jacob Meadows, Treasurer: Dalton Andress


Members of the Houston County Cattlemen’s Association are provided with invaluable resources, as well as a sense of community among their fellow beef producers. Other benefits include the Annual Steak Dinner, and a monthly subscription to Alabama Cattlemen, the official publication of the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association. Members also gain access to the classified page of this website to post livestock and farm related equipment/items for sale. If you are a current member of Houston County Cattlemen’s Association you should have a reminder mailed to you every year to renew your membership. If you are not a member and are interested in joining the Houston County Cattlemen’s Association click on the link below for an application form. We encourage those 21 and younger to join the Junior Cattlemen’s Association to take advantage of leadership and scholarship opportunities. Mail completed forms and membership dues to Jamar Ivey, P.O. Box 400 Webb, AL 36376.

Houston County Cattlemen’s Application Form